Action Alerts

Visit here often to watch for Action Alerts issued by the LWVGB. Your voice can help us make a better community for all of us. Help us make democracy work!

Take Action
When an Action Alert is issued (by local, state, or national League), please contact the appropriate officials or representatives as directed in the alert. Here are resources for getting that contact information:

Where We Stand

Read the issue positions of the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham. The positions are determined by our members after careful study and deliberation. This diligent, unbiased research is part of the reason that the League has been a respected and trusted non-partisan organization since 1920 (since 1952 here in Birmingham!). These issue positions, along with current issue studies, make up the LWVGB Program which is reviewed by our members annually and revised as necessary. View online or download a copy.

The LWVGB also supports:

All of these are used to support the League's advocacy for or opposition to public policies and proposed government legislation.